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If you have ever been in a tricky financial situation you will surely know about payday loans. These are the loans which many consider as a savior in disguise, a friend in need. If you have never borrowed from a payday lender, then let me give you a quick review of what these loans are.

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Payday loans are small term loans, which are not given out by regular banks, however, there are companies which operate as special financial lenders and give these loans out to people in need. You simply have to apply with minimal documentation and the lender will validate your loan within a few hours and you will get the loan amount within one day.

90 Day Payday Loans

90 Day Payday Loans

Basic details you need to know about a payday loan:

  • The amount you can borrow – usually the lender will approve an amount which is a percentage of your monthly salary, to ensure that you can pay back what you are borrowing.
  • Financial charges – payday loans as they are a small amount and small term loans have a higher interest rate linked to them, along with that lenders may also charge you few other fees for processing etc.
  • Tenure – one of the important factors linked with most payday loans is the term, which is usually less than a month. The borrower must pay back the borrowed amount and the finance charges on this amount on the next payday.

However, what if you have borrowed a part of your salary and paying back the total due amount as soon as you get your pay will again make you short of cash in the upcoming month? With this in mind, many people may start wondering if payday loans are the way to go for their situation. There is a solution to this problem also. Most of the payday lenders offer installment plans similar to traditional loans these days. The only difference will be that where regular loans can be paid back over years, payday loans can be paid back within a few months or days of installments. These installments may be spread out equally through 90 days or 120 days or depending on the lender or the state rules.

When you increase the tenure of your loan, that also increases the total finance charges that you will be paying back to the borrower. However, spreading out a 30-day loan into a 90-day loan will make it easier for you to plan and pay back in a manner that you don’t have to go for the option of rollovers or taking more loans to pay one loan. Though you may pay a little extra money, it will save you from falling into a cycle of loans.

All the other details of these installment based payday loans Wichita KS will be similar to the regular payday loans. The only difference will be in tenure. The credit checks and documents the company will ask you to submit will also be same as below:

  • Credit check – the company will ask you for your current monthly income, or employment proof to ensure you will be able to pay back.
  • Documentation – general documents that all lenders will ask you are like identification proof, residency proof, and employment proof. Depending on the lender and state more documentation may also be required.

Depending on the amount of money you are borrowing or the how soon you think you will be able to pay back, you can select from a regular payday loan or an installment payday loan.

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