Alaskans require API – Loans are just momentary solutions

Alaska, America’s last frontier has fascinated many and looks like a dream for many. With 663,000 square miles, Alaska is twice the size of Texas with population of the city of San, Francisco. Spending time in the wilderness is the way of life here. In summers there is plenty of time left to spend time in the outdoors and harsh winters don’t stop the warm people to be one with nature. What is adventure for others is a way of life for in Alaska. Skiing, snowboarding  are popular . The new Alaskan have the real Alaskan time, they don’t seem to be in rush  . There is no stress or expression of grind, race on their face, they simply deep breathe in nature and fill themselves with awe. Enjoy the nature and people around you. This is how they live life. This is dreamy! Relaxing and actually living is what we all dream of. What life can offer more?

Anchorage is the city with population of three lacs and does not have any traffic, people lead the modern life in a stress free way with a laid back attitude.

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Summers with 24 hours light gives the expression with all the time at your hand. People go for what all they dream of. Great career opportunities are here, it is not only fishing and oiling but healthcare, transportation, tourism, military construction are all the areas of growth. It is only place where you get paid to live. Yes you read it right! Alaskans get 1,000 dollar as API at the end of the year which can be kept as saving. Not a bad deal at all.

Catching Aurora Borealis is a normal thing here. Something that is a dream for the world, becomes normal here. It is really real wild here with bears moving around. People still move to Alaska to find something that is only here and not in other places, the midnight sun and 750,000 people enjoying, Though the population is thin here but people are strongly connected and are somehow known to each other like it used to be in tribes. Here it is everyone knowing everyone. The unique vehicle plates with names are stories in themselves, the only thing to be taken care of is racial connotative language.

This lands of dreams too has some problems

The deteriorating mental health of people here is a matter of concern as it is related to  other issues like social  and domestic, there are other problems that stare hard in the face like budget deficit, future of permanent fund dividend. The rate of domestic violence is highest here. All these things are interconnected. The tight budget, economic crisis, homelessness are all interlinked .The loss of 7500 jobs in 2017 has added fuel to the fire. People are actually finding very difficult to cope up with unemployment to find work and to provide for themselves and their families.

Payday loans and title loans can be a momentary solution but not permanent. State must do everything to keep API running.

Alaska Payday Loans Online

Payday loans are short term loans with high rate of interest. Suppose it is middle of the month and some family member requires immediate medical attention then the option to meet financial crisis will be payday loan. The borrowed money, you intend to pay by the next pay day.

payday loans Alaska

payday loans Alaska

Alaskan do have authorized payday lenders with lending stores, the distance can be an issue with extreme weather conditions. Therefore shopping from online store is a better option.

Before shopping for loans online, compare the rates of other lenders and ensure the lender is authorized. The next step will be to fill the electronic form. You are required to fill your personal and employment details along with payday check account number. The lender at the other end will verify your details and soon the money will be transferred in your account. It is that simple.

According to the state regulations there are certain terms to be followed by both the parties,

Amount Limit-$500

Loan Term: Loan can be borrowed for 14 days

Rollovers allowed: Two rollovers are allowed

Fee& finance charges: $5 +15% per$100

APR on $100 for 14 days is 520%

Collection fee-  $30 as non- sufficient funds fee, court cost up to $700.

Title Loans The Guaranteed loans taken against some collateral is called title loan. In this, loan is repaid in fixed monthly installments.

In a place like Alaska , it is not advisable to go for Title loan, in case you are not able to repay the amount, it can cost you your vehicle. Without vehicle it will be difficult to commute.

The financial health of Alaska is not very sound and government must ensure that API continues and people are employed to keep the happiness scale up.

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