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It’s uncanny how quickly kids grow, and in a few days, your little one will set off on their merry way to explore the world. So, before that, you have to be prepared to start babyproofing your house today so that it is safe.

Baby Proofing the house: Before coming home paydaywichita

Baby Proofing the house: Before coming home paydaywichita

So, what is baby proofing?

Baby Proofing means renovating your house so that it is safe for the toddler to roam around. There are small things that we hardly notice that can become the cause of major heartbreak. So, the safety of your baby needs to take some precautions.

When babyproofing your house for the first time. ( For your first child) we highly recommend getting professional help. If it is not possible, please try to look into the world from your baby’s perspective. What looks simple and harmless on the surface may become the reason for heartbreak. It is better safe than sorry, so take the necessary steps no matter how simple and silly it may be.

And finally, do understand that baby proofing ensures your baby’s safety but does not eliminate the need for supervision. We know what your toddler means to you, and we recommend you to keep an eagle eye on them, at least for the first few months after they start their adventure.

When to babyproof house

The best time to babyproof your house is during your second trimester. ( 3 months into your pregnancy). The reason behind starting early is that once the baby pops out, you will not have the time or energy to babyproof your house. Baby proofing requires some intense thoughts and labor, so do not expect to bring the baby home and babyproof the house while he sleeps. No, it won’t happen. We also do not recommend waiting too deep into your pregnancy. Assuming that dads will take on the responsibility, you may keep it too late only to find that moms require your full attention during that time. So, start early and keep on adding on things you can use babyproof.


Baby proofing tips

Here are some of the most valuable tips when babyproofing your house.

Covering up any sharp edges – kids can fall and hit sharp corners. Depending on the fall, it can be devastating for the toddler, so parents must take special care to close off any sharp edges in the house. This can be furniture, kitchen cabinets, or doors.

Auto door lockers – There are special mechanisms for doors and windows that automatically close once opened. This is a handy tool for any parents trying to babyproof their house. This can be applied to bathroom doors to prevent water hazards as well.

Adding barriers- You can buy off-the-shelf barriers to keep your toddler away from dangerous places inside the house, like stairs and the fireplace.

Shock proofing the house- Electric appliances need special care. Electric wires and outlets are the primary hazardous aspect in any home, and you should take special care to

Cover up socket: outlets that are easily accessible by the toddlers should be sealed off, or a blank plug can be used.

Get tidy with cables: It’s time you show some love to your cable management. Tie up all the wires so that the toddler can not fall over. Babies also like to chew on things, and wires can turn out to be arthroscopic.

Electrical appliance: Few electrical appliances have wire attached to it that may be hazardous for the baby. Such devices need to be handled with care.


When babyproofing your house, it is essential to make the floor safer for your baby to crawl. Here are some things to watch out for.

  • Do not allow small objects to get into your toddler’s mouth. Small things such as buttons, coins, and screws can pose a severe danger to your baby’s health. You can also check the floors for low cabinets, shelves, and boxes to check if they are unsafe.
  • AA and Button batteries are particularly dangerous as they can cause internal burns if swallowed. If your baby has swallowed a button battery, you should immediately seek medical attention. Call 999 or go to an emergency at once.
  • Takedown or secure floor carpet or rugs: Rugs can cause tripping hazards for children who are just starting to walk. Even before this, it might be safer to have a less stressful environment for your newborn baby when you are carrying them. You may decide to roll them up and then pack them away until your baby is older and more stable on their feet.


It would help if you never let your toddler use stairs until you are fully confident. Stairs are the leading cause of tripping hazards in any house, so you should control when your baby can use the stairs.

These are some tips :

  • Use baby gates to block stairs. You can find babyproof stairs by installing baby gates at both the top and bottom. It’s essential to make sure that your baby is not able to climb gates.
  • Use rugs to help your baby grip, and in case of fall, the rug will minimize damage.
  • Always use railings on your staircase. Railings will help avoid accidents.


These are some of the common hazards that you should take action on. But, every house is different, some have indoor pools, and others may have a fireplace. It is up to your best judgment to babyproof your home. You may also hire professionals, they are experienced and may help your cause. But even after babyproofing your house to the best of your ability, under no circumstance leave your child unsupervised, especially during the first couple of years of their life.

Now that we have established the importance of babyproofing the house, it is important to discuss its cost. Some recent reports show that it can take from $400 to $1300 to completely babyproof your home. It can be costly, but it is essential for the safety and well-being of your child. So if you are in a financial crunch, we suggest taking a quick payday loans. These loans are easy to get approved for, require no credit check, and can be a swift and convenient way to get some cash from PaydayWichita.

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