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It is good if the tide of time takes you across successfully from one payday to another but sometimes it might not happen. There may be emergencies or an impulse for immediate gratification or earnest need to pamper yourself to uplift your mood. It can be a family trip on a weekend, buying of some important gadget in sale, medical emergency, and demand of your child to be fulfilled. All this can happen in between the two pay days. Catering to impulses and demands of your loved ones can actually burn a hole in your pocket. All this will normally incur extra cost and will play havoc with your budget. It has been observed that people normally take payday loans to meet such exigencies.

What is a fast payday loan ?

A fast payday loan is an advance which one takes against the pay which is due in one or two week’s time. This is a short term loan which can vary between $50 to $1500.

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People who use Payday loans

It is believed that almost 11% of American population has used payday loan at one or the other point of time in their life. The survey report shows that the people who use payday loans are the ones who do not have saving accounts in Bank and those who do not have credit card. They are the ones whose annual income does not touch $40,000. Some are the ones who do not have the four year college degree, some are migrants, some are divorcees.

fast payday loans online wichita ks

fast payday loans online wichita ks


There are 23,000 payday lenders in the U.S .The mode of borrowing depends on the urgency and convenience of the borrower. There are payday lending stores too where you can walk in person and fill in the form and give the required information and the documents asked for. You are required to give a post dated check of the amount you need to repay. Just suppose you borrowed $300 for the weekend trip . Let us say the lender charges $15 per $100 as interest and $20 to be his fee. So the amount which you will fill in the postdated check will be $365.

If online service is required then you can approach any online payday lender and fill the required information along with the proof of regular in flow of income. If the online lender finds the information to be sufficient then he will ask for debit card number so that when your pay comes, the money due to him gets deducted.


What can be more relieving than the financial help at the right moment. The fast cash dropped in the account can be used to meet the financial urgency.  It is a great facility for those who do not save enough to meet the emergency. It helps you to be through with the financial crunch with your ego intact as no one comes to know that you took payday loan. If you have bad credit then also payday loan works.


Many states have the laws to regulate the payday loans industry. There is a hold of state legislature and it keeps watch on the rate of interest taken by the lenders. New York has banned the payday lending.

The timely help that comes is a blessing in itself, the instant money transferred to your account when most needed blows off the tension and brings smile.

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