Failing to Learn This Simple Financial Principle Is Making You Go Broke

Poor budget choice is one of major reasons behind failure of many people’s abilities to make a brighter financial future. Failing to follow simple basic financial principles can send even the top of the class rich and millionaires go broke, or perhaps into a debt. Today the world, 80% of money belongs to 20% millionaires. A million is worth 83 years, it is an approximate price of the four Ferraris and about 1,000 iPhones. In America for an average person working paycheck to paycheck, it is unlikely to have even $1000 in the savings account. In other words, there are no emergency funds. Although, there is money in the market many people, however, fail to pay their installment on time and take personal or Payday Loans Kansas and other states of the US. This trend is also noticeable in many other countries all around the world.

Simple Financial Principle Payday Loans Kansas

Simple Financial Principle Payday Loans Kansas


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Here is a list of Money Boosting Strategies that can help you save a good part of your income:-


You Need A Rock-Solid Budget 

Believe it or not, but you need a strong budget right now. Perhaps a $1 million might sound to you as an ever-lasting amount but don’t be surprised when you run out of that amount as well. It is a finite amount and even $1 billion does come to an end. In other words, your large net worth might give you security but it is not guaranteed. On the other hand, a good credit score can be a reason of everlasting happiness. When you have a $1 million in the account, it is natural to use the money wisely and to do that you will need a simple yet effective massive action plan. Nowadays there is hike is financial planners and financial coaches because people tend to practice bad financial habits. The best lesson to understand here is that you need to actually give a hard look at your spending habits. Decide first how you will be spending even before you actually spend it on product, service, luxury or investment. 

Check-Out This List Of Millionaires Who Went Broke:-

  1. Nicolas Cage: This man is a terrific actor. In his carrier, he earned about $40 million in a year but then he failed to pay his taxes on time and went into a $13 million debt. 
  2. Mike Tyson: The famous boxer landed in $23 million debt including $9 million divorce settlement. 
  3. Chris Tucker: No surprise here, he was once the highest-paid actor in Hollywood and earn about $50 million but he failed to pay taxes for 7 years.
  4. Patricia Kluge: After her divorced, she received $1 million yearly, as a settlement, she established a winery and loaned some money to buy a mansion but market vent south too soon and along with it her business as well. 
  5. Donald Trump: The President inherited the family business from his father, but as a matter of fact, Trump-owned business declared bankruptcy at least six times. 

Virtually, the list is endless…

Quick Tip: Learning financial literacy is crucial and empowering even more than budgeting. 


Primary Stream Of Income 

Many people in American live on paycheck to paycheck routine, in such cases, it is the “The Bright Job” that is their primary stream of income. But, from the lesson learned above, we know that even millionaires and billionaires go broke. The same can happen to anyone and if you have only one job then perhaps the chances are that you have a high-risk financial lifestyle. A financial planner cannot help you to anticipate the loss of income but it will give you the amount of income to pay off the rent installment for this month. In some cases, you can take aid of online payday loans. But, the fact is that if you maintain multiple streams of income then you might not even need a personal loan. More than 65% of self-made millionaires have three steady streams of income. 

Lesson to Learn: Although an average person might not need multiple jobs you can diversify your earnings.


Bad Investments

Living out on one income source can be bit risky and sometimes where you invest your money can become a multiple risk investment. The recession of 2018 touched one of the richest men name Adolf Merkle. As per the Forbes – He tried to protect his money by putting it into hasty investments and then he went broke and lost everything. Here is a list of question to ask before investing:-

  1. It is a safe option to invest?
  2. How safe is this option?
  3. How can I maintain my investment?
  4. What the risk and hidden risk?
  5. When will the investment mature?

We Lose The Money The Same Way 

The good news is that we all lose money in the same way therefore you can start applying the same strategies at the aforementioned millionaires to make a “comeback”. In case you just start with saving then perhaps you can use the 10% rule. Starting today save 10% of your income and store it in separate bank account. Although 10% might not seem like a big amount it can bring a positive change in your lifestyle. Whether you save $100, $1000, or $100,000 the principle remain the same and works for everyone. Remember sometimes people lose their fortune because they break the law and end up owing more money than they can payback. It is essential to pay your taxes no matter of large amount or small and it is important to have an exit strategy when you take payday loans online. Strong exit strategy will help you pay back your short-term installment easily without affecting your financial identity. It is highly recommended to plan out your monthly income and start with 10% savings today. 


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