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8 Budget-friendly ideas to turn your home into a well-organised office that will inspire you and let you focus on the important things in life.

Working from home has gained much popularity thanks to the pandemic. There are many perks for working from home, and more and more people are shifting their workplace to their home. But, it is not easy to stay focused as there are tons of distractions.

So, it is important to have a dedicated workplace with all the amenities of your office so that your productivity is not compromised. So that you are fully focused and look professional in doing so. But setting up a workplace of your desire can shell out some serious cash. The office decor is not cheap, so we have compiled some tips to help you budget more effectively.

Home Office Ideas on a Budget Make sure about your finances PaydayWichita

Home Office Ideas on a Budget Make sure about your finances PaydayWichita

Pick the right ingredients.

Before you go running to get new stuff to turn your home into a mini office, let’s first take a moment and look into the things you can reuse. You are sure to find many unused items like pens, notebooks or if you are lucky, a whiteboard which you don’t remember when you last used. These items will look good and make your space feel just like an office. Most offices also allow employees to take their office setup home, so check on things you can repurpose from your office before buying.

Invest in wall decor

The decoration is important, but the most focus should be on your background wall decor. Beautiful decor can improve the overall look of your workplace significantly, but the most important part of good background decor is for your zoom calls. A home office usually consists of many zoom calls with your team members and potential clients, so it is paramount to have a professional background. Yes, the virtual background is a thing, but a clean, minimalistic background looks better. You can have inspiring motivational banners or some kind of artwork to give the place an artistic feel. Electronic calendar or having an external monitor can also be great choices if you have something laying around.

Setting the mood

Working for long hours requires setting the right mood; inexpensive plants are a great way to add that flavour into your office. It also helps your eye when looking at the computer for extended hours may cause eye strain. You can pick some fresh flowers from your local flower shop. You can also plant your own and watch them grow each day.  You could also save some green so it’s a win-win for all.

A simple desk setup will do

Probably the most important aspect of your home office decor, but we will recommend you not to buy a new desk altogether if you have anything laying around. With covid delaying most orders, repurposing an old table may not be the worst idea, especially for your wallet.

If buying is your only option, we will recommend you opt for laminated wood frames instead of real wood. They are weather-resistant and fairly inexpensive.

To match your desk, you will also need a comfortable reclining chair. There are several options at your nearest IKEA store, but we recommend you test it out first before making the purchase. We do not recommend you to cheap out on it as it may have consequences on your back.

Take advantage of special discounts.

Another great way to save your budget is to make some bulk buy when there are discounts around. You can invest during the back to school holiday when generous deals on accessories like pen and paper. Buying necessary items in bulk can be a great budgeting tip but make sure you shop smart and don’t end up getting things you will hardly ever use.

Proper lightings

Make sure your workstation is sufficiently bright. Bright lights can set the mood up and help you focus. You may want to install or revisit your old lights by replacing them with a larger source. As you will have to attend many video calls in the day, having a large light source will be ideal as smaller light sources have a harsher tone and make you look bad and unprofessional in zoom calls. Also, make sure the light is coming towards you as that makes you look the best during zoom calls.

Invest in a good internet provider

Unlike in an office environment, it is up to you to ensure that the internet and other technical things are in order. Depending on the type of work you do, it is important to ensure you are always connected to the internet during office hours. So, a fast, reliable internet provider is a must; you can also invest in a good wifi router to ensure your zoom calls are not interrupted.


Although we do not recommend you to spend a fortune on soundproofing your home completely as a small amount of ambient noise can help you concentrate, but you don’t want to have a zoom call where your recipient will listen to your neighbour’s dog barking in the background. Using inexpensive curtains and cardboards can be a great way to absorb some of the white noise. If you live near a particularly noisy area like an airport or train station, you may invest a little to seal the windows to soundproof the room.

Bonus tip

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