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Have you ever found yourself checking your saving account and finding out you don’t have enough cash to pay for the sudden expense thrown in your life? What do you do in a situation when you need money today itself. Most people will think of calling near and dear ones to help out in this financial crises. However, even if your relatives are willing to give you the money even they may not be able to arrange it so soon. Bank loans can hardly help in a situation like this as they have long processing time, detailed background checks and loads of documentation. You could ask your employer, but that may be denied and also it may leave a bad impression of you on your employer in certain cases.


While you are running around town looking for people who will loan you the much-required cash, you are losing precious time. Assuming that the need for sudden cash is an emergency I would suggest you to stop asking random people and check the option of payday loans Wichita ks.

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What are payday loans? Payday loans are defined as instant, short-term, high-interest and small amount loans. Payday lenders are special financial companies operating through stores or online. The process of application is simple, you fill a form and provide few details about your identification and current income and apply. These lenders approve your loan almost instantly and most of them release the loan amount in your bank account the same day. Once you have the loan you can spend the money to get out of the emergency for which you needed the money and pay back as soon as you get your next salary.

All payday loan agreements have a few common parameters that you should understand. The values of these parameters can change from lender to lender or based on the state you are located in.

  1. Loan Amount – This is the amount you want to borrow. However, it’s not necessary that what you want is what you get. The lender will loan you based on the monthly income you show them. They want to ensure that you can pay back what you borrow, so a certain part of your monthly salary will be lent.
  2. The Rate of Interest – Rate of interest is defined usually per $100 borrowed and is capped by state rules, even then ROI for payday loans is pretty high.
  3. Loan Term – This defines the time after which you will have to pay back the loan amount along with the accumulated finance charges. Usually for payday loans, it will be a small term less than a month, however, some lenders based on state regulations may offer a longer term.
  4. State regulations – This is not a term of the loan, however, check if payday lending is allowed in your state and what are the rules for them so that you can ensure your lender and agreement follows these regulations.

Eligibility for payday loans:

  1. Identification Proof
  2. Citizenship or Permanent resident of the United States of America
  3. Proof of regular employment
  4. Age proof

So as you can see the eligibility is very simple, and if you have a regular source of income you can get the cash you need today, today itself. This is the biggest attraction of online payday loans that they are available for you exactly when you need them. As far as you take care of paying them back on time, they are the friend in need and the friend indeed.

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