Payday Loans in Ohio holding firmly to the ground under new law

Ohioans have been largely making use of online payday loans which to some extent burnt a hole in their pocket with high rate of interest. Taking note of all this there has been change in the law, declaring payday loans to be illegal. The new law has been given the name the short term loan. This will have a longer period to return the money borrowed, a cap on the interest and fee . It puts the limit on money to be borrowed.. These changes will save Ohioans almost 75,000 dollars, which went as fee o to the government. The payday lenders were apprehensive about the shutting down of their business but it has been observed that more than 200 lenders have registered to operate their business. under the new rules Some big lenders Cincinnati are wondering if they will be able to continue with their stores under the new rules or not.

Dough Clark, the president  of Axcess Financial  believes that there will be a large gap left in the state regulated credit market and  most of the credit challenged consumers will face problems moving forward with HB123 products. In response Bill sponsor Rep Kyle  said the new restrictions will tighten the noose on the payday lenders taking  advantage of the borrowers.


Payday Loans in Ohio holding firmly to the ground under new law

Payday Loans in Ohio holding firmly to the ground under new law


These are the certain changes that have been introduced  by the new payday loans law.

  • Loans are to be capped
  • Only one loan can be taken from the lender at a time, Earlier the borrower used to take another loan to repay the due installment of the other loan. This way they ended up in a debt trap.
  • Maximum Loan to be borrowed $2500 Only $2,500 money can be borrowed in total               either from one or from multiple lenders The borrower is required to make a declaration that he has not borrowed more than $2,500 in short term loans and it is the onus of the lender to verify it.
  • The law caps the loan  at 28% APR and has set limit on fee too.
  • It has limited the total fees and interest to 60% of the original amount.
  • This law has ended the vehicle title loan.
  • It has given borrowers at least 90 days  to repay the loan. In case the payment is limited to 7% 0f a borrower’s net income then the limit is 30 days.
  • Monthly fees are capped to 10% of the original loan amount.
  • If borrower changes his mind, he can cancel the loan within three days and return the money without penalty.
  • If a loan is paid back early then the borrower will get back a prorated amount of fees and interest.

Earlier there were 650 payday and small loan lenders before the new law but now only 10 companies have been given license to offer under the law at 217 locations: While the number of brick and mortar store may have dwindles but online lenders can operate  under the law and a few have been licensed. Possible Finance, a mobile phone app gives loans to be repaid in four installments over eight months. Loans are approved after taking into account the transaction made by the borrower.

In the end the fear that all payday lenders will leave the state and the business will shut down is not found to be true. Though the payday lending as it was known got over but the short term lending is holding firmly to the ground.

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