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Have you ever suddenly find yourself in a situation where you immediately need cash. I think we all have been in that uncomfortable place. These days almost everyone knows about the instant cash advance option available in the market. Special companies operating in the financial area of giving out small amount loans for a short duration of time and a high rate of interest.

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Whenever you need to take out a payday loan, the first step in the process is finding a lender near you. This is also the most important aspect as you will kind of form a relationship with the company you choose to borrow from. There are a few things you can do to find a payday loan near you.

payday loans nearby

payday loans nearby

  • Go online and simply search “payday loans near me”. Though you will get a huge list of options, there are many websites which also give comparisons of these companies which help in making selection easier.
  • Ask friends and colleagues. Do not be embarrassed by your need for cash, trust me most of your friends at some point would have been in your place and they may be able to suggest a good lender to you.
  • Trust the good old yellow pages and look for contacts in them. With this option you may not get reviews for the lenders, so contact more than one or two and understand the difference in the services offered to make an informed decision.

While selecting a lender you may want to keep the following things in mind:

  • Check if the payday loans are legal in your state. There are still a few states in the United States that do not legally allow payday lending. If not allowed, look for other options. If they are permitted then check if the lender has a license to operate in your state.
  • Check how much money you can borrow and whether the lender gives out the amount you need. Like you may need $5000, however, lenders near you may only be giving out a maximum amount of $2000 because that is what the state permit. In that case, maybe you can consider to break down your expense.
  • Check other terms of the loan. These are the rate of interest the company will charge, any other finance charges that you may be asked to pay like processing fee etc., the tenure of the loan or how long you have to pay back. Other things that you may want to check are, options of repayment plans being offered by the company or rollover plans if allowed.
  • Check the terms in reference to the legal consequences in case of inability to pay the loan. Now I am sure you will be careful enough to plan and pay back what you are borrowing, but it is good sense to read through such details of loan agreements.
  • Check the documentation you need to provide to get approval for the loan. The most commonly asked documentation is related to identification, employment, and residency or citizenship. Depending upon the state rules some payday lenders may ask you for more documentation.
  • Check after application how long will it take for you to receive the amount. These loans are called instant loans, however, in some cases if documentation is not correct or your bank account takes more time to process loan deposits it may take more time than the lender advertises, so it is best to check this detail with them too.

With these simple things in mind, you can be saved from whatever emergency you are in.

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